Davi Dev

Real Estate Salesperson

: 647-669-3284

: [email protected]

Working in real estate has always been Davi’s end goal from the time he graduated from Ryerson University with a Business Management Degree. However, before getting into his dream field, he first developed his skill set so that he would be better equipped to help families looking for guidance along their real estate journeys. 

Davi started out his professional career working in banking where he was a top performing financial advisor. While working in finance world, he learned the best ways to improve client experiences, essential financial knowledge, and practical business management. Another interesting fact about him is that he has also worked as a mortgage specialist. During his time in this position he was able to gain an invaluable understanding of lending policies and practices, and spent years advising clients on how to save and qualify for a mortgage. 

“With these key knowledge pieces, I found myself ready to enter into real estate after 10 years in the banking industry. My mission as a real estate representative is to leverage the skills I’ve gained to ensure that every homeowner I work with is fully educated and prepared to enter the market with confidence.”

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