Tatiana Kobzev

Sales Representative

: 647-727-8727

: [email protected]

Meet Tatiana Kobzev…

She is a fun energetic individual who has a passion for food, travel, music, real estate and so much more. Tatiana is thirty years old and is originally from Moscow, Russia. At the age of three her parents picked up their bags and relocated to Haifa, Israel and in 2000 at the age of ten they did it once more and relocated and settled in Toronto, Canada. Tatiana has a passion for learning which as a result led her to complete two university degrees while working in different industries. Her educational background is in Psychology (York university Graduate) and Financial Service Management (Seneca College). Her working background has been in multiple industries but has always been consumer centered. Tatiana is an optimist who can provide a listening ear, a detailed spreadsheet and a solution to a problem. You will not regret having her in your corner. In 2021 her life also changed not only did she make her official debue with the Journii team but she also became a parent to a wonderful baby girl.
Want an easy conversation starter with Tatiana? Here are some suggested topics: food, sports, babies, shopping, business and of course real estate.

Why Real Estate?
Tatiana has always had a passion for real estate and design. For as long as she could remember her favorite thing was to see how spaces can change and how happy people are when they make this change. Her dad is a structural engineer and use to own a renovation business. Every home her parents ever owned was always different from the neighbours it always has a personal touch that made it feel like a home. From an early age she enjoyed any television show that had an aspect of buying or renovating and until this day this is the channel that is always on when she has the opportunity to watch television. Tatiana started her real estate career after she fell in love with the journey that it presents to other people and the happiness it brings to them. Unlike others she didn’t dive in to be a real estate agent right away but rather started from the bottom. Tatiana successfully acted as senior front desk administrator that served an office of high producing agents. Then became a recruiter to help bring on board more members who had an equal vision. Once she started to believe in herself and identified that she wanted to spread her wings and grow this is how she became a proud team member for Rodrigo Robalino. Fast forward to 2021 and she has now become an agent who specializes in leasing and a proud member of a the Jornii real estate team.

Why Journii?
I have personally known Rodrigo for many years and have always valued his vision and attitude towards real estate. Once he created Journii everything he has taught and shown me through the years started coming to life. The team features individuals of different strengths and backgrounds but the individuals compliment each other. The vision of the company brings with it an important message and not only does it create a journey for the client but it creates a journey for each team member. This team is more then just a business and the foundation it is built on is more then just servicing clients. The ideology acknowledges that each person that is met has a different journey but each journey should always lead to the same result. This result is not only a successful business transaction but rather a lifetime relationship.

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