Unless you have a crystal ball and psychic abilities, we have no way of knowing what the future is going to bring! The housing market could be in a worse place next year than it is right now. If you list your home now, you at least have an idea about how well your house is going to perform in the current market, which will help relieve some of your uncertainty. Here are some more reasons why you should consider selling your home now: 

Reasons You Should Sell Now

  • You have already accepted the offer on another house. Especially if you need the sale of your current home to finance your new home! You want to ensure you can pay the mortgage and the deposit
  • You are living in an unsafe environment. While it can be difficult sometimes to leave difficult situations, sometimes moving to a new home is necessary for your overall health and well-being.
  • You are experiencing financial loss and need to sell some of your assets. Your home is a huge asset and can assist in providing you with some financial relief if your home is sold

Selling your home is not a decision to take lightly. Working with a realtor can help you better prepare for the process of selling your home and aid you in every step of the process. Set up a meeting with me today to discuss how I can help you sell your home!

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